An Exciting Announcement..

Helping ALL the dogs, sharing ALL the good vibes.   Okay not all the dogs (we wish!) but literally as many as we can and with your help, that will be a lot. Good vibes for everyone. Wait, what am I going on about? Where are these dogs and how can I pet them, you ask? Well.. The KXD Family is oh so excited and humbled to announce that we have officially teamed up with CAARE, a local animal rescue effort for our Coco Nite candles. CAARE stands for┬áCompanion Animal […]

New Blog Has Launched!

So excited to share our new blog with you! 2017 has been amazing so far, and 2016 was an incredible year of growth, challenges and adventure! We are thankful for every minute and truly humbled by the love and support of our customers and friends. This blog will be a mix of collection features, design inspiration, fashion DIY and all things dark, minimal and delightful. xo Katz & Dahl