An Exciting Announcement..

Helping ALL the dogs, sharing ALL the good vibes.


Okay not all the dogs (we wish!) but literally as many as we can and with your help, that will be a lot. Good vibes for everyone.

Wait, what am I going on about? Where are these dogs and how can I pet them, you ask?


The KXD Family is oh so excited and humbled to announce that we have officially teamed up with CAARE, a local animal rescue effort for our Coco Nite candles. CAARE stands for Companion Animal Advocacy Rescue Effort, based in both Vancouver BC and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. A registered not for profit organization dedicated to Animal Welfare.

A portion of proceeds from each Coco Nite candle sale will go towards helping these animals get medical care, rehabilitation, training and ready for their forever homes. Cue the warm and fuzzy feels.

We at KXD are the willing subordinates of 3 dogs and 1 cat, and as self proclaimed animal lovers this is truly an important movement to be a part of. We firmly believe giving back, or ‘sharing your light’ brings far more light and positivity to ones own life as well as those you are sharing it with. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle, and both burn just as bright. Yes I just used a candle analogy on a post about candles. Ground breaking. Fine I’ll just post more pupper pics.


A very good boy! (CAARE adoptee)

Such a cutie (CAARE rescue, adopted)

This lil’ man and his brother are still adoptable!

contact @caarerescue on Insta or


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Learn more about CAARE CAARE x Katz x Dahl